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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply scroll to the top header menu and click on “Login“. If you’re using Tablet or Desktop you can either click on the Login at the top header of the user icon (before the cart icon). Upon navigating to the page click on “Register“. Then sign up with your correct detail. 

For quicker sign up, click on the login page and click on any social icon of your choice (Facebook or Gmail).


There are 3 ways to create a Vendor account: 

  1. Click on the Vendor button at the top header then click on “Become a Vendor
  2. At the login page, click on the Registration page scroll to the bottom of the form and click on “Become a Vendor
  3. While you’re logged in as a customer, on your Dashboard, click on “Become a Vendor

You can track your orders on IceShopy website. There are two ways to track your order on IceShopy:

  1. Click on Tracking at the top header menu.
  2. Click on the floating menu icon by your right then click on the truck icon, You will be redirected to the tracking page.

You can track your order anytime using these options.

For details on chargebacks and Returning items, click here

For details on how your information is used on IceShopy, Navigate to the footer menu, click on Privacy then Terms

The floating menu icon on all pages is a shortcut button. There are 4 menus (options) on the floating menu. These menus are represented by icons. Below are the icons functions: 

  1. Cart Icon: This is a shortcut to the cart page
  2. Comment Icon: This is a shortcut to start a live chat with us.
  3. Truck Icon: This is a shortcut to the order tracking page.
  4. Heart Icon: This is a shortcut to your wishlist page. Upon click on this icon, you are redirected to the wishlist page where all your liked products are enlisted.